How Does It Work?

The weather-proof monitor uses cell phone technology and is designed for daily callouts, both scheduled and event-driven. The system is designed to eliminate run-outs by sending an email message to ChemStation and the customer when the tank is getting low.


Step 1

Low tank levels trigger a cellular message that is sent to local branch

Step 2

Branch processes alert message and prepares custom cleaning solution

Step 3

Delivery truck is sent to location to refill tank

Step 4

Tank is refilled and status updates are sent to confirm

What It Looks Like?

  • Cell phone technology provides remote inventory monitoring.
  • View tank levels and demand forecasting information on your computer or mobile device.
  • Receive automatic email notifications to easily monitor chemical usage.
  • Access historical records of product usage on demand.
  • Use data to zero in on accountability when it comes to in-house, government, or third party audits.
  • Catch overuse early with built-in alarm.
  • Set automatic deliveries and never run out of product.

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